“How to Wake Up”

I played in my first musical pit this past weekend for a new, student-written show called “How to Wake Up.”

I was definitely nervous at first–I was originally recruited because I play bass clarinet, but then I was told that I would only be playing Bb clarinet. I practiced a lot, and we had rehearsals every night for the past week. And I think it worked out okay.

The play was really cute. I know, because I’ve seen it approximately 7-8 times (five shows plus a few full-length rehearsals). And it’s great because I laughed at the funny parts each time I saw the show. Each audience was a little different–they all laughed at different parts, so that was entertaining. The actors even ad-libbed some parts, so the pit members were even hearing new material sometimes.

Thanks to my “fan club” (the ‘rents, Mike, Rachel, Matt, and Shari) for coming to see me!

This was definitely the most exposed I’ve ever been in a performance–there were only six members of the pit (clarinet, flute, harp, piano, cello, and percussion), so it wasn’t like my typical band concert where I’m one of a hundred. And the six of us got relatively close and had a lot of fun together, so that was pretty cool.

I’m not sure if I’ll play in another pit any time soon, but it was definitely an interesting experience.

Favorite lines from the show:

Deborah: “But where would I go?”
Winnie: “Why not America?”
Deborah: “America! That’s too far away!”
Winnie: “Yes, but don’t they have excellent health care in America?”

Deborah: “I made this for our last supper, Clive.”
Clive: “And which one of us do you suppose is Jesus?”

The end.


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