How to wake up.

It’s a common scenario for me: I’m sleeping late.

All of a sudden, the phone rings. Reluctantly, I get out of bed to answer it.


“Hi, Lia, it’s so-and-so. I’m sorry, did I wake you up?”

Yes, you did wake me up. I was sleeping so comfortably. Maybe I was even dreaming. And your call–important or not–woke me up.

But do I tell them this? Or say, “No, of course not, I’ve been up for a while.”

I guess it depends on who calls. If it’s my best friend or my mom, I might say that they disturbed my slumber and I will kindly call them back at an hour when I am more alert. If it’s the queen of England, I might leave it to myself.

Moral of the story: Don’t call me too early.
Moral of the story #2: I should just turn off my phone at night.


8 thoughts on “How to wake up.

  1. You think you’re so clever, but I know that the title of this entry was the musical you played clarinet for.

    Also, Anonymous is a real doucheface. Like, a doucheface the size of Mt. Rushmore.

  2. “the size of Mt. Rushmore” – Or the size of Wall Drug, as my brother informs me.

    He says that in South Dakota, every ten feet there is another sign for Wall Drug. “Free Water at Wall Drug!” “South Dakota’s Famous Wall Drug!” etc.

    But seriously, Anonymous. If this LJ of Lia’s weren’t G-rated, I’d call you a lot of dirty names. Much dirtier than doucheface, although that’s pretty dirty.

  3. This morning I slept late.

    Too late.

    I looked up, and the clock said, “Hey,” in its clocky voice. “It’s currently 7:54.”

    “SEVEN FIFTY FOUR!” I screamed loudly, unsure of what to do. I was supposed to leave at 7:35.

    Yet somehow, I still got to school only 5 minutes late. The same amount of lateness I get when I leave at 7:35.

  4. I’ve been to Wall Drug! It’s the highlight of Wheels. It was quite amazing. You should go there. I’ll come with.

  5. I plan to hit up Wall Drug before I die.

    I have a Wall Drug bumper sticker that my brother got me (for free) when he was there on Wheels.

    I guess I’ll staff Wheels one day or something – otherwise, I doubt I’ll ever see Wall Drug.

    This weekend, I’ll be in South Sioux City, Nebraska. It’s on the border of NE, Iowa, and South Dakota. I’m hoping that there’s a sign somewhere for Wall Drug.

  6. This morning I slept REALLY late. It was a b-day, so I normally wake around 9:13 or so, and get to school at 10. Today, I woke up, and the clock said “10:35.”

    I panicked. I ended up arriving at school at 11:15, leaving only 30 minutes of class left for Health. The teacher, Mr. Flora, was cool about it though.

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