I bought a t-shirt a few weeks ago:

Here’s the image up close:

I thought it was hilarious. I still think it is.

But I may want to return it, just because I’ve seen / heard of about a million other people who have it. Why would I want a shirt that everybody else has?

Should I keep it? Should I return it? Your thoughts are welcome.

When I told my parents that I bought this shirt, here’s how the conversation went.

Lia: “I bought a really funny shirt today.”
Parents: “Oh yeah, what does it say?”
Lia: “It has a picture of a challah on it and it says ‘Holla!'”
Parents: “It says what?”
Lia: “Holla.”
Parents: “Holla?”
Lia: “Yeah, holla.”
Parents: “What does ‘holla’ mean?”
Lia: “You know, just like, holla.”
Parents: “Use it in a sentence.”
Lia: “…holla!”


7 thoughts on “Holla!

  1. That’s a funny shirt.

    Your parents are hilarious.

    I say that because you told me to comment that, since I IMed it to you.

  2. Update: Today I saw a guy wearing this shirt, and also wearing a cross necklace.

    There are sooo many things wrong with this picture–the least of which that the shirt was from the GIRLS section of the store.

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