Anatomy of gray

There’s a store called White House Black Market that recently moved into a mall around here. As the name implies, the store sells black and white clothes.

I went there today, and I made a purchase.

The black-and-white store, apparently, has some gray areas: the top I bought was gray.

Just goes to show you that life is never just black and white. There are always shades of gray.


3 thoughts on “Anatomy of gray

  1. That is the store of my DREAMS! Too bad everything was too expensive when I went there in D.C. and in Chicago.

    Miss you way too much,
    -S Dub

  2. Yeah, I totally thought of you when I was there.

    But I feel like if you were there, you would not have bought a gray shirt. You would have bought black and/or white.

  3. I wear gray…occasionally.

    I guess we’ll never know what I would’ve done.

    P.S. This whole separate states thing is not working for me.

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