A letter from an eighth-grade me.

At the end of eighth grade, we were assigned to write letters to ourselves that would be mailed to us at the end of our freshman year of college.

We all wrote fun letters detailing our current interests and our hopes and dreams, and then some of our friends even wrote letters for us to open in the future.

I read my letter a few days ago. I sound a lot like myself. (That’s funny, because I am me!)

Here are excerpts and paraphrases of my letter (the exact phrases are in bold).

“Dear Lia,

How is everything? I’m writing this letter on May 21, 2001. We only have a few days left until Schechter graduation. I can’t believe I’m graduating already!

I hope you’ve been keeping in touch with all your Schechter friends. Be sure to call…” [And then I listed 16 friends. I currently keep in touch with approximately 3-4 of those people on a regular basis.]

“This year I’m involved in so many activities.” [Then I proceeded to list everything I did. Can you say “overachiever”?]

“I love the Beatles, and the Wizard of Oz. I like the TV shows Seinfeld, Friends, The West Wing, Survivor, and The Simpsons.” [Not much has changed there.]

“I’m really involved in Beth Hillel USY and Kadima.” [Blah blah blah, everything I’ve ever done for Jewish youth group ever.]

“I love going shopping, and I love wearing makeup (sometimes). I love gossiping and going online. (My current screen name is Lia1031@aol.com. I bet I changed it by the time I read this.)” [Now, I hate shopping and I almost never wear makeup. I still like gossiping and going online. And I’ve managed to keep that screen name but I’ve thankfully gotten rid of AOL.]

[Then I proceeded to talk about my favorite books (Holes and Stargirl) and my favorite magazines (insert any teen girl magazine here). Then I wrote about my teachers, what I liked and disliked about them, and miscellaneous things they’ve said. I talked about other friends, and then about our school trip to Washington, D.C.]

“Right now, the president is George ‘Dubya’ Bush. He’s kinda weird. I really wanted Gore to win. I think that if the votes in Florida were correctly counted, Gore would have won. It’s ok. I bet there are whole textbooks on the Florida recount.” [Some things don’t change.]

“Here are my predictions for the year 2006:

President of the U.S.: Joe Lieberman [if only!]
My college: Northwestern or Brandeis [Wow! I’m good! I predicted that exactly! Except for the Brandeis part, I guess.]
My major: Journalism [Hmmm…maybe I should take some advice from my eighth-grade self?]
Friends from Schechter who I’ve kept in touch with the most: Tanya and Sarah E. [definitely Tanya…Sarah E, if you’re reading this, keep in touch!]
Political figure most likely to be forgotten: Dick Cheney, Monica Lewinsky [It would probably be easier for Dick Cheney to be forgotten if he stopped shooting people in the face.]
Am I at all right???”

[I wrote about my favorite restaurants and my camp memories. I wrote how I was really excited for high school.]

“So tomorrow is our last day of school at SSMS, and Tuesday there’s a graduation rehearsal at Pick-Staiger. [My first of three graduations held at Northwestern]

I really hope that I’ll keep in touch with all my friends and that I’ll never forget my wonderful years at Schechter! [Did they pay me to write that?]

Lia Lehrer =)”
[I used to sign my name with a heart for the dot in my “i” and a smiley face. Wow. I was such a girl.]

Here are some excerpts from my friends’ letters to me:

From Megan B.: “Hey, this is your college letter. You’re probably at Princeton, Harvard, Yale or some other Ivy League School!”

From Adina T.: “I hope by the end of high school (don’t take this the wrong way) you have had a boyfriend, and I know you will, don’t worry.”

From Alyssa Z.: “Hopefully by now our braces (yuck) have been off for a while and we can drive away in our shiny new cars.”

From Sarah E.: “If you’re going out with someone right now, call me. If not, call me anyway.

From Tanya: “So are we in Northwestern, rooming? … Sooo, do you have a boyfriend? … I’ll tell you what you are wearing: a sparkly blue tank top, light khaki pants, and white Steve Maddens.”

So, I guess the consensus back then was that I’d go to Northwestern, and that my friends were all rooting for me to get a boyfriend. Haha. I love eighth grade girls.

I asked myself some questions in the letter. How exactly am I supposed to respond to them?


One thought on “A letter from an eighth-grade me.

  1. That was my big problem too, as you might recall. How can I answer my past self?

    I loved Stargirl, by the way.

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