I’ll be a principal…or a caterpillar*

When I grow up, can I be a professional bar mitzvah tutor?

No, seriously.

I am in love with my job.

In college, I could major in Haftarah trope with a minor in the Friday night service. Either that, or I could major in “relating to 7th graders” and minor in “dealing with their parents.”

Really, can I have this job forever? Please?

More and more I’m realizing that I can’t imagine doing anything with my life that doesn’t involve teaching. Nothing makes me consistently happy like tutoring–I walk into my lessons tired or sad or bored, and I come out feeling like a better person.

I also like to lead services, and help others learn to lead services. Hmm…a career where you lead services and teach bar mitzvah students? Sounds familiar.

But I could never be a cantor, could I? While I do like the sound of my own voice, I can’t imagine that many others would. My voice isn’t show-off-y enough, and I always lose my voice when I use it too much.

Also, it would be pretty weird to major in journalism at Northwestern (no guarantees, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed) and then become a bar mitzvah tutor, right?

At least I’ve found something I love to do for now.

*10 points to anyone who understands the reference in the title.


3 thoughts on “I’ll be a principal…or a caterpillar*

  1. Thank you, Mitchell Avichai Bekritsky, for your comment. The points go towards an eternal collection of determining coolness and intelligence in Lia’s book.

    You would have 10 points in the game, but coincidentally, I must deduct 10 points from any player (or comment-leaver) who does not sign his or her name.

    Sorry! Thanks for playing.

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