I have unused items…where?

Occasionally, this message pops up on my computer:

It’s true. My desktop is a mess, full of programs and files I’ve never even used. I’ve got two versions of a MIDI file of the Tetris theme, and folders filled with the color schemes from my favorite WordPress designs. How many icons relating to my printer do I really need on the desktop? I don’t even know how to use TiVo Desktop. Firefox is already set up–why do I need the Setup file?

Thankfully, my computer makes sure I’m aware of these unused icons. If I knew how to work my computer better, I would consider getting rid of them.

I only wish I had some kind of “wizard” that would help me in other areas.

“There are unused items on your desktop.” This wizard would find old Post-it Notes, broken pencils, and stray staples on the desk where I do most of my work.

“There are unused t-shirts on your floor.” I knew I bought that blue shirt a few weeks ago, but where did it go? Ahh, yes, here it is.

“There are unused remote controls on your coffee table.” Really, how many remotes does a family need? We use the TV, DVD, and TiVo controls, but it’s been years since we’ve used the VCR’s remote…

“There are unused packages of yogurt in your refrigerator.” If this wizard could know the expiration dates, too, then we’d be in business.

“There are unused textbooks on your bookshelf.”
Maybe you need to study a bit more.

“There are unused muscles in your body.”
When you finish studying, some Pilates wouldn’t hurt either.

Until I get some of these, I guess I have to do my own investigating to get rid of what I no longer use. Alright, I’m off. It’s time to clean my room, eat dinner, and exercise.


2 thoughts on “I have unused items…where?

  1. In Houston, my living room has only one remote control. I set it up to work with everything easily, because you never change the channel on the tv. Everything except for “power on/off” applies to the VCR.

  2. what about unused friends? like, dude, you haven’t talked to that girl in 3 years. maybe you’re just not friends anymore. it’s okay, you can say it. what about it, lia?

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