It’s the end of the summer as we know it…

Summer 2006 has not officially ended yet.

One day, it was Saturday, and it was clearly summer. On Sunday, I was at Northwestern all day preparing for Hillel stuff, but then came back home. Monday, I moved into school.

I never had an end-of-the-summer goodbye ceremony. I did not sit and reminisce about the good times I had, and the memories I’ll cherish. I didn’t frolic by the lake in a yellow sundress, humming tunes of summertime.

My summer just sort of flowed into not-summer.

This past week has been New Student Week, full of mandatory activities for the freshmen and lots of free time for the upperclassmen. Kind of like an extended summer, easing us into the school year.

Therefore, there was no minute when I said, “Wow, summer ended.”

But before I officially close summer, I would like to reminisce a bit.

This summer, I saw 25 movies and read eight books. I earned approximately $5,000 (and it’s all for you, Northwestern!), and I traveled to three states (Michigan, New York, and Wisconsin). I ate at a fondue restaurant and a vegan restaurant. I rarely woke up before 10:30 a.m., I rarely went to sleep before 1:30 a.m., and I spent countless hours on Facebook. I watched my brother graduate from the very college I attend. I saw three fireworks displays, I saw Avenue Q, I had an MRI, and I worked out at Curves with my mom. I Built a Bear. I learned about public relations, I tutored bar and bat mitzvah students, and I staffed freshman girls at a weeklong USY camp. It was a good summer.

Tomorrow, classes start, and thus begins my sophomore year at Northwestern.

I hereby officially call the summer to an end.



2 thoughts on “It’s the end of the summer as we know it…

  1. I lovve your LJ 🙂 I get excited when I’m going down the list reading everyone’s away messages for the millionth time that day and i see it was updated haha. I cant believe you just went back to school! I’ve been back for a month.. hmm but I don’t know if my summer had closure I’ll close mine too..
    I read one book, saw a TON of movies, and played a lot of Super Nintendo and Sex and the City for a month. I made a whoppin $200, and I went to two losing Cubs games. I went to Israel and did two volunteer programs but left a week early because of rockets. I turned 19, and went to a gluten free Italian resturaunt. I visited my sister at THE Ohio State University where she just started law school. I went to Nashville, Ohio, and Wisconsin. I learned how to knit. I, too, spent countless hours and facebook, and staffed a weeklong USY camp. It was an excellent summer.

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