An open letter to taxi drivers

Dear taxi drivers,

I have a few suggestions on how you could improve your service just a bit.

First of all, please do not be 50 minutes late. I realize that finding me on Big Tree Lane must be difficult because there are many Lanes with Big Trees, but the synagogue is at the one near Glenview Road and Skokie Boulevard. Your company policy is that you’ll arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled pickup time. Maybe you misheard that and came within 50 minutes.

Next, please learn where you are going. You’ve know. the pickup and drop-off addresses since 2 a.m. this morning when I scheduled you to pick me up. Maybe between then and tonight you could have used Google Maps or Mapquest. You’re lucky I knew how to get to my destination.

Please don’t send or receive text messages while you’re driving me. I value my life.

Finally, please do not play Jesus music in the cab. I’m pretty comfortable with my current religious choice, and I’m not planning on converting any time soon.



What do you think?

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