Come into my room–it’s as easy as 123. (PLUS! My Fall Quarter schedule.)

I love the single life.

No, I’m not talking about my lack of a love life. I’m talking about my lack of a roommate.

This year, I’m in the same dorm as last year (across the hall from my old room, actually), but in a single. Room 123 is tiny, but it’s my own personal little space, and I love it.

Step into my office…

It looks a lot like my room from last year, but I’ve got more pictures and posters up. You can’t see all the posters in this picture, but I’ve got posters of The Wizard of Oz, the Beatles, RENT and Harry Potter, bordered by pictures of my friends and family.

Here’s my desk. I’ve got Post-It notes, a dry erase board schedule I update daily and a mirror, underneath my Disney Princesses and Simpsons posters (the latter parodying the painting “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of la Grande Jatte”).

The entryway: a Seinfeld/Wizard of Oz poster, and a poster of Altar Boyz, the musical I’m seeing in a few weeks. Outside my room is my class schedule, which I will summarize below.

My door–a collection of everything pop culture that defines who I am. It also includes a map of the “L” where the stations are all anagrams, a printer test page (my color does indeed work) and a dry erase board.

That’s my room!

Now, I’ll give you the quick, obligatory summary of my schedule for Fall Quarter:

Social Inequality, Monday 11-12:20, Wednesday 10-12:20
A sociology class measuring inequalities in race, gender and class.

Hebrew III, Monday/Wednesday 1-1:50
Focusing on the Torah and its commentaries.

Introduction to Statistics, Tuesday/Thursday 9:30-10:50
A large percentage of Northwestern students (including 100% of Medill students) are required to take this course to learn to measure and analyze statistics. Did you know that 48.7% of statistics are made up on the spot?

American Government and Politics, Tuesday/Thursday 3:30-4:50
An introduction to how our government functions.

Thanks for virtually visiting my room. Stop by sometime!

You, too, will want to be single.


4 thoughts on “Come into my room–it’s as easy as 123. (PLUS! My Fall Quarter schedule.)

  1. yay! i miss you too! and i totally agree that having a single is great. especially since i tend to be a liiiittle messy…

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