Comparative politics? More like nap time.

Is it better to take a class that is difficult but interesting, or easy but boring?

For Medill, we need to take an international (non-U.S.) political science class. I’ve been dreading this requirement; though I’m enjoying my American Government and Politics class, I can’t imagine enjoying an international politics class of any sort.

So then I found Comparative Politics, taught by Professor John Doe (name changed to protect the identity of the professor). I read through hundreds of CTECs (course and teacher evaluations) of this class, and I learned some interesting things. Most people agree the class is incredibly easy, the readings are unnecessary, and the lectures are dry.

Should I take the class anyway and knock the requirement out with an easy class? Leave a comment with your vote. And here’s what some of the students had to say on the evaluations.

“Don’t take this class unless you plan on going into comparative politics. No, even then, don’t take it.”

“Please, unless you enjoy wanting to stab yourself in the head twice a week, don’t take the class.”

“I once counted how many times he said ‘um’ (this is just ‘um’; it doesn’t include ‘you know’ or ‘I don’t know’) and it was 297 times over the course of 70 minutes. That translates to about an ‘um’ every 15 seconds.”

“If you’re willing to be bored and wishing for death but with a high GPA, take this class.”

“Kendra, the TA, was amazing, and I wanted to give her a high-five whenever I saw her. I didn’t, because I figured it would be awkward, but in the back of my mind I wanted to.”

“Ripping my eyes out of their sockets would be more fun than going to the lectures.”

“John Doe is, um, possibly, um, the worst prof I have ever had, um, at NU. The class is for monkeys. My favorite class was titled ‘Dictators can be good, but also very bad.'”

“This class was like having hot cheese dip poured into your pants. There is a shocking pain at first, but after that, it just becomes an annoyance. Lectures will make you sad. Bring a Daily.”

“John Doe looks just like my ex-boyfriend. So that was kind of creepy.”

“I only went to this class once (to take the midterm) and my GPA didn’t take a beating. In fact, it improved.”

“Comparative politics? More like nap time.”

Those were just the best of the best comments; there were also some positive comments. If you go to Northwestern, look up the CTECs for this class for some light reading.

So…sound like a winner?


5 thoughts on “Comparative politics? More like nap time.

  1. Hi Abi!!

    So the final decision for this class was that I registered for it because I had a bad registration time and nothing else was open. I’m going to try to get into a history class that I’m on the waiting list for, and if I get into that class, I’ll drop this silly one. So wish me luck!

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