This is why Lia needs a new cell phone.

At the Sprint store the other night, I asked the woman to compare text messaging in the two phones I’m looking at.

“It depends on what kind of a texter you are,” she said.

I’ve been shopping around for a new cell phone for the past year or so. I’ve had my current phone since my sophomore year of high school–more than four years ago.

But I can’t take it anymore. I need a new phone as soon as possible. It’s not that the phone doesn’t work or that it’s broken or anything. It’s that I’m not any kind of “texter.” I have missed out on the “texting” culture because on my phone, in order to send a text message, I need to set aside an hour or two of my day to do it.

Four years ago, text messaging wasn’t very common. You had to log onto the Internet on your phone, which is what I have to do. Let me show you. 

Here is what my phone looks like, to give perspective. It’s not slim, and it still has an external antenna.

So I want to send a text message. I must click on “Shortmail” in the menu, and log onto the Internet (left). Then, I get to menu in the right picture. It’s a list of people who texted me three or four years ago when I set this up. For everyone else (even if they’re in my phone) not on this list, I must click on “Compose.”

Left: Here is how to send a message. The fields expand when you click in them. But when you go to type in the number in the “To” field, the default that comes up is English letters rather than numbers. Right: So I must switch to Number mode.

  Then I get this lovely message saying that my message was sent!

Left: So now I get a reply from the message I sent. How do I know? My phone flashes red, and I get this message. I now must click on “Go,” and I, again, must log onto the Internet (see above). Right: Finally, finally, I get my message. But the person’s name does not appear. I must look at the number (I blocked out the last two numbers so you can’t call this person), and if I don’t recognize it, call it and then hang up really quickly to see who it was. Yeah, I’m not kidding.

Therefore, I’m hoping to get a new phone this weekend or sometime soon. Then, you can send me all the text messages you want!

But for now, if you text me, I might just respond with a phone call. At least now you see why.


2 thoughts on “This is why Lia needs a new cell phone.

  1. Oh Lia…I can’t believe you took the time to do this! ahahahaha. It must have taken you about as long as it takes you to send and receive a text!

  2. The biggest problem with your phone is indeed the external antenna. It makes it very hard to shove the entire phone in my mouth.

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