At last! A new phone!

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like you to meet the newest addition to my electronics collection.


Its name is Samsung M500, and it is amazing.

It can text message normally (see the previous post), take good pictures, and is slim and beautiful. I can talk on a speakerphone, but I also got a Bluetooth headset.

I think I was busy the day everyone got Bluetooth, and nobody bothered to tell me that it was the cool thing to have. So I’m not quite sure what it is, but I’m excited to have it.

If I type in a partial phone number and press “Find,” it can tell me whose number it is. When I dial a number, it tells me what state I’m dialing–in case I forget that Sara is from Ohio, Benjamin is from Missouri, and my Home is in Illinois.

So far, I’m pretty pleased with it. Yay.


One thought on “At last! A new phone!

  1. My dad has a similar phone. He does not have bluetooth, but who needs that? My aunt has it, and all she ever does is complain about the fact that it’s not working. Also you look like a loser with it in your ear.

    When my dad calls a 713 or 281 number, it says “Houston,” not “Texas.” Same goes for other major areas.

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