An Apple (or PC) a day…

They say computers cause heath problems.

Headaches. Eye strain. Carpal tunnel. Repetitive strain injury. Hunchbacks.

But they never discuss the one serious, potentially deadly ailment that computers prevent every day.

The paper cut.

People are willing to buy reading glasses for their deteriorating eyesight and take serious painkillers for their backaches. But when we get a paper cut, our day plummets and nothing can cheer us up.

The paper cut. It’s a reminder that something so innocuous-looking can be so harmful. The paper cut. It’s the tree taking revenge on the loggers. It reminds you to be more careful next time you’re playing with something as dangerous as paper.

In our beloved childhood game “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” it’s natural that Rock would beat Scissors—pound a pair of scissors with a heavy rock and you’ll see why. It makes sense that Scissors beats Paper, because the Scissors can cut the Paper to shreds. But why does Paper beat Rock? The only logical reason is that Paper can severely injure the Rock holder.

I’m lucky to say I have lived a life full of computers triumphing over paper whenever possible. In today’s society, e-flyers are substituted for mailings, Facebook photos have made scrapbooks obsolete, and, though I once heard of an archaic reference device known as a “phone book,” I have never seen one.

Administrators keep track of appointments on the computer instead of leafing through paper calendars. Interns store files on the hard drive and not in a file cabinet. Authors’ manuscripts (literally, “written by hand”) are now keyboarded in Times New Roman.

So when adults warn me that spending half my life on the computer will lead to horrible headaches or pain-wracked wrists, I’ll have a response:

Using computers is extremely beneficial for my health. I’m preventing paper cuts.


3 thoughts on “An Apple (or PC) a day…

  1. The reasoning is simple:

    1. Abi has to pee.
    2. It does not email me when you respond to my comment. This is because among the great things of WordPress, one not great thing is that comments and responses don’t act in threads like on LJ.
    3. Also, people aren’t looking at you on their friends page anymore.

    Eh. You might consider joint-updates, of updating both sites at once.

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