Are women funny? / Lia’s blog goes MULTIMEDIA!!!

(Ladies and gentlemen: I am bringing my blog into the 21st century. The future of blogging is not in plain print articles, but in sensory pieces with sound, pictures and video.

I’m aiming to be innovative and experimental, and hopefully a bit creative.)

And now, for the entry.

Why is it that most stand-up comedians are men? Are men inherently funnier than women? Why is it that women in our society are not encouraged to be funny?

Listen to the thoughts people shared with me on this topic, and then leave a comment of your own.



5 thoughts on “Are women funny? / Lia’s blog goes MULTIMEDIA!!!

  1. Ooooooh man, the gender divide. The way I figure is that I know plenty of women with great senses of humor, but when you ask for someone’s favorite comedian, you’re getting a biased opinion. The comedians we all probably know are the people who have made it through the entertainment biz “ringer” and I’m willing to guess that in the business, they love these type of stereotypes (whew). If you’re a guy trying to make it as a comedian, it’s probably a lot easier to make it then if you’re a girl and therefore, the selection is biased. Yup, that’s right, standup comedy and sitcoms have a glass ceiling. Oh well.
    And another point, Paula Poundstone was plagued by scandal about child abuse if I remember correctly, which almost wrecked her career. Sarah Silverman is “too dirty”. As entertainment consumers, we’re just uncomfortable with the idea of female comics.

    Well….most of us. Pam and Kelly on the office (and Angela): Amaaaaaaazing! (watch the show, you’ll get the joke, it’s in The Merger)

  2. I am amazed that no one could think of any female comedians! Is Paula Poundstone really the only one that comes to mind? Does no one watch SNL? They have had some great female comedians on that show throughout the years, starting with Gilda Radner and Jane Curtin, and much later Molly Shannon, Cheri Oteri, and Anna Gasteyer, and recently Maya Rudolph, Amy Poehler, and Tina Fey. Rachael Harris from the Daily Show is funny. Nicole Sullivan from Mad TV is funny. In the world of stand up, Margaret Cho is funny. And of course, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Northwestern’s esteemed 2007 commencement speaker and one of at least three NU alums on this list, has been hilarious in everything from sketch comedy to sitcoms.

    I do think that it is often more challenging for women to be as funny as men, and things that are considered funny when done by men (physical comedy, voices, etc) are not always easy for women to pull off. But I still think it is outrageous that no one interviewed could name any of those women who HAVE made it in the world of comedy!

    P.S. I enjoyed the clips of your mom. Girls CAN be anything they want to be! 🙂

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