Cool stuff I’ve done that you should do, too: Part II

Welcome to my second installment of “Cool Stuff”–my mini reviews of various shows I’ve seen, foods I’ve tasted and activities I’ve done.

(What other cool stuff should you do? Read my first installment.)

Sing-Along Grease at the Music Box Theatre

Don’t you hate it when you’re watching a musical, you start to sing, and the people next to you shush you?

You won’t get that kind of treatment at a Sing-Along movie, like Sing-Along Grease at the Music Box Theatre. Subtitles on the screen give you no excuse but to sing as loud as you want.

At the Music Box Theatre, you don’t just see a movie—you live it.

The moviegoers are transformed into 1950s superstars: Young children, teenagers and even some adults parade their Pink Ladies jackets, T-bird regalia, poodle skirts and slicked-back hair for prizes in the pre-show costume contest.

Audience members are given goodie bags complete with fun props to use during the show. I mean, what’s “Beauty School Dropout” without blowing bubbles? How can you sing “Greased Lightning” without your shades and a comb?

Fans cheer for Danny and Sandy and boo for Crater Face, and everyone applauds each great performance. But the most amazing part of the whole experience is the singing. Young and old, male and female, everybody sings at a sing-along. Dancing is also encouraged, and, honestly, it’s hard to resist the temptation.

Tone deaf? Who cares? You’ll never see any of these people ever again. Well…just try to avoid going there on a first date. It might cause a bad impression.

Sing-Along Grease is playing at the Music Box Theatre (3733 N. Southport Ave. in Chicago, near the Addison Red Line stop) only until June 3, so get your $15 tickets before it’s too late. For information on ordering tickets, and also on upcoming shows, visit the theater’s Web site at


2 thoughts on “Cool stuff I’ve done that you should do, too: Part II

  1. I have to ask – what kind of stuff happened at the Grease Sing Along? We’re putting one together in St. Louis, and having to create the event from scratch. Do you remember the “bits” the emcees taught prior? What props did they have and when did they use them? What “audience participation” heckles or cheers were included? Cheering Danny and Sandy, and booing the Scorpions is a great start! Do you remember any others? Any input as to what happened, what worked and even what didn’t would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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