Muffin Men: A Medill multimedia project

The end of the quarter has arrived, and it’s time to show you my baby–the project I’ve been working on all quarter with my friends Jessica and Shari.

For our Medill Newswriting class, we traveled a few times per week to Uptown to learn about reporting and multimedia projects.

A few weeks ago, frustrated with our original project topic, we entered the just-opened Faz’s Bakery and Cafe on Wilson Avenue to ponder our project and eat some scones. While we were there, the three of us reached the same epiphany: Why don’t we cover the bakery for our project?

And so we did.

How do four friends with an idea transform into four business owners with a restaurant? Watch our video to learn more.

“Muffin Men” by Jessica Huang, Lia Lehrer and Shari Weiss (narrated by Jessica Huang)


2 thoughts on “Muffin Men: A Medill multimedia project

  1. Hi, Lia, lol I don’t know if this will work, but I just wanted to let you know that I watched your video, and it’s so good!! Yay! It made me want ot go there, lol!!! Talk to you later!

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