“Environmentally friendly” forms of publicity

At Northwestern, I walk the sidewalks with my head down. Sometimes it even causes me to nearly bump into a passerby.

But I’m not a downer, a loner or a person with low self-esteem. I’m just familiarizing myself with the events of the week.

At NU, we’re known for our unique style of publicity—instead of bulletin boards or poles, we tape our flyers to the ground.

But recently, people have sent e-mails and have published letters to the editor in The Daily Northwestern reminding students that this sort of publicity is wasteful, bad for the environment, and costs around $180,000 per year to remove the taped flyers once a week.

A few weeks ago, I passed by a house one block away from campus that’s trying to do its part in using environmentally friendly publicity.

(In case you can’t see, that’s a paper flyer taped to a leaf on a tree with Scotch tape.)

It makes perfect sense. Save money on bulletin boards. Don’t worry about messy cleanup. Use inches of Scotch tape instead of rolls of masking tape. And when you’re done with the advertisement, just tear off the leaf—the tree has hundreds of others just like it, so the leaf won’t be missed.

Since Mother Nature probably wouldn’t approve of either form of publicity, I think I’ll just stick to my favorite method: the sandwich board.


What do you think?

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