Blackhawks emerge from black hole

In my 22 years of existence on this planet, all of which were spent in the world-class city of Chicago, I have never seen a single person identify as a Chicago Blackhawks fan.

We love to love our Cubs, even when they let us down, year after year. We spend the winter months donning Bears orange and navy blue. The 1990s was the Decade of the Bulls. And there are even South Side sports fans who, for some reason, root for the White Sox.

But when did hockey suddenly become socially accepted in Chicago?


3 thoughts on “Blackhawks emerge from black hole

  1. Hockey suddenly became socially accepted in Chicago after Bill Wirtz died and everybody could finally watch the Hawks on TV. After watching a few Illini hockey games in person and watching the Hawks in the playoffs on TV, I’d say I’m hooked. šŸ˜›

  2. I went to a blackhawks game earlier this year or possibly last year. They won. But damned if I remember who they played.

    It’s hockey. It’s a LOT of fun to watch in person, but on TV not so much.

    But yeah, it’s probably one of the most exciting sports in person.

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