Israel blog: Flight and first day in Israel

I hate airlines and airports so much. More often than not, my flights are delayed or have some kind of problem. I wish I could stick it to the airports by boycotting their services (and not flying), but I think that would only hurt me.

My flight from Chicago to JFK was delayed and delayed. I knew that I’d probably miss the connecting flight to Israel, so I started planning Option B (an 11-hour layover in Amsterdam) and Option C (staying overnight in New York at a friend’s apartment and flying out the next night).

The flight landed at JFK at 8:15 p.m. and the Israel flight was supposed to leave at 8:30. I got off the plane and ran as fast and as hard as I possibly could – which was tough with my heavy carry-on bags. There must really be a god, because by some miracle, the Israel flight was delayed. Well, it was either a miracle or just Jews are slow when it comes to going through security. But anyway, I made it!

After taking a sherut (shared taxi) to my apartment in Jerusalem, I got settled and then went to Emek Refaim with my roommates. We had a great time eating at Baba, where I ordered “hummus with chicken nuggets.” At least the Israelis are honest about what they serve more of!

Fun first day!


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