Israel blog: Cats

Chicago has squirrels. New York has pigeons and rats. Florida has lizards. In Israel – it’s cats!

It’s pretty funny to walk around Jerusalem and see cats everywhere. It doesn’t rain much in Israel, but it’s definitely raining cats, (but not many dogs).

I’m not a “pet person,” but many of my friends back in Chicago love, love, love their domesticated cats. But in Israel, you don’t need a pet kitten – you’ve got 50 wild cats (but not from Northwestern!) within a 10-minute walk.

I’ve heard that the British brought stray cats to Israel many years ago to fix a rodent problem. The problem they didn’t think of, though, was of all the Israeli toddlers probably begging their moms to keep the cute kitten in their backyard.

I guess Israelis don’t watch enough Price is Right – if they did, they’d know from Bob Barker that they need to neuter their pets!

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