Israel blog: A Day in the Life: Thursday, July 29, 2010

My day yesterday was filled with so many Tweetable moments, I decided to “Tweet” them in the blog all in one place.

Hebrew class “tiyul” to Talbiyeh: My Ulpan class took a “tiyul” (trip) to the Talbiyeh neighborhood, where each of us in the class prepared a short speech on one of the buildings in the neighborhood.

New Deli: After the tiyul, I had lunch at New Deli – a Kosher Subway-like restaurant. I had a hot corned beef sandwich, which is something I’ve been craving for days!

Social action trip to nursing home: As part of the Conservative Yeshiva, a few of us traveled to the Idan Zahav nursing home to talk to the residents. In my broken Hebrew, I had to answer the residents’ constant questions, mainly 1) why I’m 23 and not yet married, and 2) why I love Israel so much but don’t live here. But then we sang songs, and it was a lot of fun.

Gay Pride Parade: It’s great to see that Jerusalem is so proud of its LGBT residents. The parade was nothing like the pride parades in the U.S. – more like a march than a show. And unlike in the U.S., there were very few people actually watching the parade – everybody who was around was marching IN the parade. There were a few religious protesters, but for the most part, everyone was really supportive.

Dinner at Foccacia Bar: I went to Foccacia Bar again with my friend Aaron for dinner. This seems to be everyone’s favorite restaurant!

Tza’atzua Shel Sipur Shalosh: I went to the “kolnoa” (movie theater) with Micah to see Tza’atzua Shel Sipur Shalosh (Toy Story 3). Israeli theaters are funny because they have assigned seats. There must have been seats for 200 people in the theater, and though there were only 30 or so people there, we were all crammed into one section. And the movie theater employee even came around multiple times to check our tickets to make sure we were in the right place. The movie was great, and it was funny to see how the movie was translated to Hebrew in the subtitles.

And that was my crazy day!


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