The newest addition to my gadget collection

My new birthday gift runs on magic.

At least that’s what I had thought the first time I heard about this device. How else could it possibly be so cool?

Thanks to my brother, I’m now the proud owner of an Eye-Fi, a memory card that magically uploads photos from my camera to my computer without me even telling it to do so.

Okay, maybe not quite. But it’s just about that easy.

My new Eye-Fi’s two parts – a USB plug for my laptop and a memory card for my camera – speak to each other via the Wi-Fi networks in my house. I go outside, take photos on my camera, then bring the camera into my house and turn it on. The USB plug says, “Hey, new photos in the house!” and copies the new photos from the card to a designated folder in my computer.

And in case I didn’t know about the behind-my-back gossiping going on between my in-house electronic devices, the Eye-Fi sends me an e-mail telling me that new photos have been updated. Tattletale.

Finally, in case I ever forget where I was when I took a photo, the memory card comes with geotagging – showing the exact location where a picture was taken. So instead of Googling my latitude and longitude, I can simply take a picture of myself, watch as it’s uploaded to my computer over the Wi-Fi, and then take note that my room is at exactly 42.0061 North and -87.7456 West.

Now that my computer and my camera talk to each other without my knowledge, I wonder what other devices I should suggest to each other to find on LinkedIn.

  • My refrigerator should tell my microwave that cold pizza is on its way
  • The oven should text my phone, letting me know that the garlic bread is about to burn
  • The washing machine will finish washing my clothes, then post a Facebook status asking if anyone is around to transfer my clothes to the dryer
  • The washing machine would also have a geotagging feature, so that whenever a sock goes missing, I would easily find it

I’m going to go the driveway to see if the garage door opener is spreading rumors about me to my car.


4 thoughts on “The newest addition to my gadget collection

  1. I bought an EyeFi on sale and resold it a year or so back. One of the best profit returns I’ve had.

    In other news, my laundry machines also tell me when it’s time to switch loads! Way cool.

  2. Ahaha. Cool device! That’s really useful. I especially love the washer-dryer interactions. Only problem: now the whole world knows you live at 42.0061 North and -87.7456 West!


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