Everything vs. Aliens: A new movie

It’s always fun seeing people at a movie theater dressed as owls and witches. And it’s always exciting seeing a movie well past your bedtime. But something else stuck out in my mind during the midnight showing of Harry Potter 7 last week: one of the previews.

The crowd burst into laughter during a preview when a group of cowboys, led by Harrison Ford, respond to an intergalactic attack. The movie’s title? “Cowboys & Aliens.”

I get it. Aliens sell.

This movie, along with the popular “Monsters vs. Aliens,” follows my new formula: Take any noun and put the words “vs. Aliens” after it, and you’ve got a winning movie.

  • “Phone Bills vs. Aliens”: Annoyed by rising technology costs, a group of extra terrestrials come to earth targeting everyone’s worst enemy – the cell phone provider.
  • “Teenagers vs. Aliens”: He’s feeling alienated. She’s an alien. How can they hide their secret love when their long-distance relationship stretches over a galaxy?
  • “Peanuts vs. Aliens”: A world is headed for destruction as aliens invade, until one scientist discovers the creatures’ weakness – peanut allergies. Skippy, Jif, Reese’s, and Mr. Goodbar come to the rescue, laughing as the aliens go into anaphylactic shock.
  • “Oboes vs. Aliens”: When adolescent aliens visit a suburban high school, the band director uses his only weapon – multiple oboes playing together. The aliens’ ears fall off and are blasted back to their home planet.
  • “Republicans vs. Aliens”: Can Sarah Palin’s hockey mom superpowers ward off a group of outer space life forms?

Send me some of your own movie titles while I go talk to M. Night Shyamalan.


One thought on “Everything vs. Aliens: A new movie

  1. This is awesome…I couldn’t believe it when I saw the preview. It seems so ridiculous. Personally, I would pay to say any of the movies you came up with over “Cowboys vs Aliens.” Hope all is well 🙂

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