A life without Internet

I’ve moved into my new Lakeview apartment, and it’s perfect. The shower curtain is beautiful, we have a cool lamp in the living room and my roommate found a microwave that has a toaster attached to it. (What will they think of next?)

There’s only one problem – we’re in a technological black hole.

We’re having trouble installing our Internet. The provider is aware of the issue and promised to solve it as soon as possible, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Until our Internet service is installed, I guess I’ll just have to make do without it. (How am I posting this entry, you ask? Let’s just say that my cell phone has some cool tricks up its sleeve.)

Without the ‘Net, here’s how I might live my life for the next few days:

  • I’ll go up to a new person I meet in the building, find out where they live, and write “Hi, neighbor!” on the wall of their apartment
  • I’ll walk around the street announcing where I am in verbal Tweets. “Hey, everyone in CVS! I’m in CVS now, too!”
  • Instead of blogging, I’ll just recite my thoughts on life to anyone who will listen. “What’s the deal with all the mirrors in this elevator? Are the managers hoping to make it seem more spacious? Or are they just hoping that people will be in a good mood after looking at themselves for 19 floors?”
  • I have basic TV channels, but no cable and no TiVo. So I would probably miss most of my favorite shows, and I wouldn’t be able to watch them online. I’ll just ask my friends to re-enact the shows. “Okay, you’ll be Marshall, you’ll be Lily, and you’ll be Ted. Come on, can’t you guys do that scene with any more emotion? Didn’t ANY of my friends take acting classes as a kid??”
  • Instead of Skyping or having a Google video chat, I might have a face-to-face conversation with someone. Haha, just kidding! I’ll walk to a coffee shop down the street and use their free Wi-Fi to Skype. What kind of a technophobe do you think I am?

4 thoughts on “A life without Internet

  1. I dare you to announce yourself in Verbal Tweets – then your next blog will be all about the trip to the Psych ward discussing a new psychotic break-through all about how tweeting is affecting people’s lives they cannot stop so they need to constantly tweet but no longer through the internet. Now everybody’s mad!!

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