An apartment-themed thank-you poem

I’ve got many important people to thank for helping me with my apartment…why not thank them in an iambic pentameter couplet poet?

In my apartment, there have been some quirks
But luckily my kinsmen are not jerks.
My family members stepped up to the plate
To help me out when things did not go great.
My Internet, you see, did not behave
Despite all of the time my brother gave.
My brother, Michael, sat and sat to solve
The problem with the ‘Net that would evolve.
Online, he chatted with the tech support,
But they could find no problem to report.
A little while later, slightly sad,
We knew that the best option was our dad.
So Dad came to investigate the scene
He stared for hours at my laptop screen.
The modem and the router didn’t seem
To want to work together as a team.
But in the end, my dad found the solution
And so I thank him for his contribution.
But while the Internet was not that stable,
I needed help with my Ikea table.
Dear Rachel, Michael’s friend, had expertise
For her, my desk construction was a breeze.
At building my white desk she was the best
Her handy skills are sure to pass the test.
Another thank you goes to Rach and Mike,
For donating some pots and pans I like.
They also gave a bed and a TV
I’m grateful for the things they’ve given me!
But what is an apartment without flair?
When I need decoration, Mom is there.
There is no doubt she has an eye for style
Her gifts to the apartment make me smile.
She also helps me out with all things food
Her meal ideas always raise my mood!
I won’t forget a thank you to my roomie
With Cheryl here, the place will not be gloomy.
Dear friends and family, thanks for being you
You’re all invited – come down to Lakeview!


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