Marie Antoinette brought you to my blog.

People come to my blog for all sorts of reasons, apparently. A few days ago, WordPress e-mailed me a summary of the most common search terms that brought readers to my site in 2010.

Here are some of the highlights.

1. Hair diffuser / diffuser hair / diffuser for hair / how to use a diffuser / diffuser hair dryer / hair diffusers / what is a hair diffuser / diffusers for hair: 757 page views (people were probably looking at this post)

2. Genes: 255 page views (I guess people found the genetics spread I designed, located halfway down this page)

3. Marie Antoinette hairstyles / Marie Antoinette hairstyle / Marie Antoinette hair: 186 page views (they must have been busy reading about polygamists)

4. Red comforter / orange comforter / comforter / pink and orange comforters / dark red comforter / pink and orange comforter / satin comforter / orange comforters / ikea comforters / pink comforter: 141 page views (these people helped me decide on my dorm room comforter!)

5. sdflkjsdf (I guess a lot of people typed the same random sequence of nonsense that I once typed!): 89 page views (had to be this one)

Some other favorites include:

  • famous men with beards / famous facial hair
  • donkey riding
  • bird makeup
  • robot makeup
  • flat thumbs
  • you’re an idiot
  • who invented the noogie
  • you’re still an idiot
  • the man said, in a whisper, ‘oh, sorry. can i have a hamburger?’”
  • didn’t you realize that lia was shortened?????????

Hmm, I guess Lia is shortened. Could explain why I’m only 5’2”.


One thought on “Marie Antoinette brought you to my blog.

  1. Hahahaha. Perfect ending. Also, that gene layout was by far your best work (I mean, it would be any professional’s best work), but you have some other great ones I never knew about.

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