Does abundance of snow lead to shortage of bread?

Is there something about a blizzard that makes people crave sandwiches?

The Blizzard of 2011 has been full of news of long lines in Chicagoland grocery stores. Getting ready for the storm – much like preparing for Y2K in December 1999 – people planned for the worst. They swarmed to grocery stores to stock up on the essentials, especially milk and bread.

How long will Chicagoans be trapped in their homes? A day or so? Maybe two? Why don’t people have enough food in their houses to last two days?

And why the sudden need for bread? Is everyone going to spend all day today making as many sandwiches as they can, stocking up for the next month? PB&J sandwiches for breakfast, grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, turkey sandwiches for dinner. Maybe even a Nutella and banana sandwich as a midnight snack.

To me, sandwiches are an on-the-go type of food…if you’re stuck in your house or apartment all day, why not cook something? Do you really have so little in your kitchen that you need to rely on Wonder Bread?

If the storm goes as I predict it will, the mess will be cleaned up by Thursday or Friday, and most Chicagoans will just be left with a whole lot of extra bread.

French toast party, anyone?


2 thoughts on “Does abundance of snow lead to shortage of bread?

  1. Actually, buying bread is a smart idea, because even if you lose power and can’t cook, you can still eat it. It’s also not highly perishable so if you lose power, it won’t rot in your fridge. If I were one of the nearly 60,000 people in the Chicagoland area without power today (, I would be very glad that I have bread and plenty of other shelf-stable, ready-to-eat items in my pantry (cereal, crackers, protein bars, peanut butter, beans, salsa). Yes, people shouldn’t panic, but it does pay to be prepared.

    That being said, our power is still on. I’m thinking of baking brownies and making mac-and-cheese. 🙂

  2. But what about all the things you can do with bread:
    -French Toast
    -Bread crumbs
    -Mopping up soup
    -Toast in the morning

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