The next voice of Wrigley…my brother?

This season at Wrigley Field, you may hear a familiar voice – a voice you’d recognize the voice from PA announcements at Niles West High School between 1998 and 2001, Northwestern’s WNUR news station, or just mimicking the CTA ‘L’ announcer.

The Cubs recently publicized they were looking for a Public Address Announcer – the “next voice of Wrigley Field” – and among their applicants is my brother.

Michael’s announcer voice has always been a passion of his. His friends often made fun of his “This is CNN”-style of announcing. When I entered high school, one of Michael’s friends bet that I, too, would have a deep voice (but was severely disappointed).

But maybe now’s the time when Michael’s voice – and love for the Cubs – will turn into something exciting. We’ll see!

Join me in wishing Michael the best of luck, and now sit back, relax, and enjoy his audition tape.


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