It was the season of darkness OR The dark night

When I first moved into my new apartment, I wrote about how I love the place, but I wish the cars in the parking lot near my window didn’t cause so much noise, keeping me up at night. But over the past few months, I’ve gotten used to the late-night honking, and I’ve managed to close my window even tighter to drown out most of the sounds.

But what it doesn’t drown out is the light.

On the fourth floor, my window lines up almost perfectly with two very bright lamps on the top floor of the parking garage. It didn’t begin to bother me until recently, but I’ve had trouble sleeping with all the light pouring in through my tightly closed blinds.

I casually mentioned this issue to my mom, who got right to work on the solution (apparently when I can’t sleep at night, she can’t sleep at night!). Her idea — room-darkening shades. As my mom, my dad, and I measured my window, my dad had a different, more temporary solution — thick foamcore.

We headed over to Michael’s (the craft store…not related to my brother, as far as we know) to see what they had. We found a piece of foamcore that seemed to perfectly fit my window for only $11. Much cheaper than room-darkening shades.

The foamcore is huge; my dad’s car is not. So we had a fun time transporting the poster board to my apartment.

We tied the poster board to the top of my dad's car. When it began to fly upward, we were nervous that we, too, would become airborne, so we each held the poster in place with a hand out the window.
It took two people to lift the poster off the top of the car because of its size - we didn't want it to bend. (I was busy taking this picture.)
The poster fits perfectly over my window.

The verdict: Success! Sunday night was one of the darkest nights I’ve had in the apartment. I will most likely eventually invest in room-darkening shades or curtains of some sort, but for now, the $11 solution of a poster board between my window and my shades works for me.

Good night!


One thought on “It was the season of darkness OR The dark night

  1. Outstanding cost-effective solution, but that giant white space in your window is begging to be drawn/painted/written upon, or to have posters, photos, etc. glued or taped onto it!!! You could even put up an outdoor scene of what you WISH you could see through that window.

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