Stop changing my default search engine!

I feel bad for Yahoo! and Bing.

I mean, talk about being useless and unused. These poor search engines barely stack up in this Google-driven world. We don’t hear people say, “I’m going to Yahoo! her” or “I’ll just Bing it to find out more information.” It’s Google, Google, Google, and at least for me, there’s just no place for Yahoo! or Bing.

Why, then, must those sites force themselves upon me?

I often find my computer changing my default search engine – is it because of a new version of software I installed? Or did I check something when I meant to leave it unchecked? Or have they targeted me as someone who might be willing to switch to a new search engine? And no, I do NOT need the Yahoo! toolbar!

Really, computer, you haven’t figured it out that I actually like Google, just like the rest of the world? Yahoo! and Bing must be paying lots of money to get the computers of the world to side with them, to infiltrate their users with these inferior search engines.

It’s as if we’ve lived on this planet for billions of years breathing air, and then some new company decides we should start breathing something else. No, thanks, I’ve actually found oxygen to be quite effective in keeping me alive, so I think I’m going to stick with that.

Yahoo! seems to do news pretty well, and Bing – well, I guess I’m not sure what else they do. But are their senior managers so persistent that they don’t realize that maybe it’s time to give up? If the only way to get people to use their search engines is to forcibly change their default search engines, can it really be that successful?

Senior managers of Yahoo! and Bing: May I suggest some alternative careers for the two of you? In case you do decide to switch careers, here’s a list of the top 10 fastest-growing occupations right now – according, in fact, to a search I ran on GOOGLE.

  1. Biomedical engineers
  2. Network systems and data communications analysts
  3. Financial examiners
  4. Medical scientists
  5. Physician assistants
  6. Biochemists and biophysicists
  7. Athletic trainers
  8. Computer software engineers
  9. Veterinarians
  10. Environmental engineers

(Thanks, Google. I knew I could count on you to win an argument.)


4 thoughts on “Stop changing my default search engine!

  1. Bing does pretty well on several things. Its recent integration with Facebook means that it will tell you which things among your results your Friends “Like,” which can be helpful. Its presentation of images allows you to scan through more photos more quickly without having to click when you’ve scrolled to the bottom.

    To be fair, Google rams its toolbar down the throats of Yahoo! and Bing users, and tries offering to switch your search engine to it too.

    No toolbars, please. I want my browser to have more real estate so that I can see what I’m reading. If I want a smaller window, I’ll use my phone to surf the web.

  2. As someone who “Bings” it all the time – Google wins for regular search, but for anything special, check out bing. Travel is by far the coolest feature ( where if predicts if your fares will go up or down. Also, Bing has been gaining market share every month since it was released and is very popular with those who try it out! Believe it or not, outside of the US, Google isn’t the most popular 🙂

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