A high five for the high five

I often have days where all I really want is a high five.

You have those days, too. You’re just feeling really good about something, and you want to celebrate that moment with a satisfying gesture.

You fixed the broken copy machine – high five! You figured out the forgotten password – high five! You made it to the movie just in the nick of time – high five.

But my mind was blown this week when I discovered that had I been born a few decades earlier, my days would always be unsatisfied. According to various sources (okay, fine, Wikipedia), the high five has only been around for a mere 34 years.

Many things have been invented in the past 34 years to which I am grateful. The hepatitis-B vaccine is pretty cool (invented in 1980). Not sure what I’d do without my disposable contact lenses (invented in 1987). I’m a big fan of the Internet (invented in 1990). But where would we be without the high five?

I would like to use this space to express my gratitude for the infamous inventors of the high five. Thanks to you, along with the inventors of the fist bump (the Obamas?), I have a fun way to show my excitement at various milestones in life.

I am glad to have been born after 1977 – because a world without the high five is not a world in which I would have liked to live.

Next time you see me, give me a high five – now that would be a nice gesture!

high five!


2 thoughts on “A high five for the high five

  1. Check your dates there. The internet is commonly traced to about 1969, when the store-and-forward packet-switched ARPANET was first created, which of course, is the backbone of today’s internet. The widespread of the ARPANET happened in the early ’70s.

    The World Wide Web was first proposed in 1989, but didn’t really show up on the scene until either 1991 (USENET) or the mid ’90s, when domain names became prevalent.

    In any case, 1990 is certainly not accurate.

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