A school for Disney magnets

I recently noticed that not too far from my apartment is a school called Walt Disney Magnet School.

Walt Disney Magnet School
See, I didn't make this up.

Other than wondering why there’s a whole school devoted to making Disney refrigerator decorations, it got me thinking about what the school might offer.

Health Department
Keeping Our Fruits Poison- and Pesticide-Free
Taught by Professor S. White

English Department
The Art of Fiction
Taught by Professor Geppetto, with T.A. Pinocchio

Veterinary Sciences Department
What To Do When Your Cat’s Smile Won’t Go Away
Taught by Professor Alice N. Wonderland

Culinary Sciences Department
Making Spaghetti Long, Romantic, Dog-Friendly and al Dente
Taught by Tony, head chef at Tony’s restaurant

Health Department
Curing Hypersomnia
Taught by Professor P. Charming

Music Department
Vocal Rest for Singers
Taught by Professor Ariel L. Mermaid

Home Economics Department
Entertaining for One

Disney magnets
Disney magnets

Taught by Professor Lumiere

Economics Department
The Cost of Gas
Taught by Professor Pumba

Sociology Department
Move Over, Susan B. Anthony: How to Be a Feminist by Being Manlier than Men
Taught by Professor Mulan

I bet kids at this school are one jump ahead of the curve, painting with all the colors of the wind. They probably all aspire to be king, because they’ve learned more than just the bare necessities and have learned to always be prepared. If only I could be part of their world.


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