Northwestern vs. America

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of reliving the glory days of my college experience by watching the Northwestern vs. Army football game with some of my NU alumni friends. We watched NU put in a great effort; but in the end, NU fell short of victory.

My friends kept saying: If NU loses to Army, NU is in pretty bad shape.

But I kept thinking: If Army loses to NU, America is really bad shape.

After college, the NU football players might be drafted into the NFL, or maybe they’ll put their Communications degrees to good use and go into marketing or something. But after college at West Point, these players are going straight to the U.S. Army. They’re going to defend our country. If these guys can’t win a football game, I’d have little hope for them defeating the Taliban.

So as much as I wanted to root for the Wildcats, I found myself acting patriotic. I was secretly rooting for the team that probably needs the morale boost and the exercise a little bit more.

In a few weeks, Army’s football team will face off against Navy. Not sure who to root for there; but if it happens to be raining that day and the field is flooded with water, I’ll put my money on the Navy.


What do you think?

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