Has “nerdy” finally become cool on TV?

My taste in music is a little less than mainstream (I’d take The Guess Who over Lady Gaga), but lately my choices in television are pretty much up to par with the rest of America. On DVRs across the country, we can find current shows like “How I Met Your Mother,” “Glee,” “The Office,” and “30 Rock,” as well as older shows like “Seinfeld,” “Gilmore Girls,” and “Sex and the City.” It makes sense that I would like these shows and it makes sense that the rest of the country would like them, too.

But when I heard that another one of my favorite shows that I’m catching up on (I’ve already watched three and a half seasons in six months) – “The Big Bang Theory” – is a nationwide hit, winning Golden Globes and Emmys, it made me wonder: WHY?!

I understand why I like “The Big Bang Theory.” It’s about four nerdy guys, their pretty blonde neighbor and their scientific shenanigans. Other than “Are Leonard (the experimental physicist) and Penny (the blonde neighbor) on right now or off right now?”, there isn’t much of a plot.

But I still can’t put my finger on why the rest of this country likes it. In the spirit of the show, I decided I would further pontificate on the Big Bang Theory, why I like it, and what I think America should think of it.

“The Big Bang Theory” features…

Lia’s view

America’s view

Four nerdy guys YES! I want to marry all of them. I guess “nerd” is in these days!
A pretty blonde neighbor I like her. She’s snarky. And she works at the Cheesecake Factory, which I do enjoy. America seems to like the Cheesecake Factory.
A Jewish character, complete with a Jewish mother and a reference to Turbriskefil (the Jewish Turducken) Duh. In a way, many Americans have Jewish mothers. And we are always trying to figure out how to put more food inside of other food.
Star Trek references When you grow up with Michael Lehrer as your brother, you begin to develop affinities towards certain Star Trek characters. (I always wanted the Deanna Troi action figure!) People must be going to those conventions!
Mayim Bialik, the actress playing Amy Farrah Fowler Her name means “water” in Hebrew! And you gotta love an actress with a Ph.D. in neuroscience. I think Americans are still on a “Blossom” kick.
Comic books Okay, you got me here. I’m not so into these… …but Americans seem to like them!
Science – physics, engineering, neuroscience, biology, astronomy, and more I took AP Bio in high school! And Modern Cosmology in college! Considering that so many Americans don’t believe in evolution, it doesn’t seem right that they would watch this show. Maybe it’s the college-educated population of the country tuning in.
Awkward romantic relationships Love those. America is full of them.


If I could make the perfect Lia-friendly TV show, it would probably be something like this (though it would be better if they spontaneously broke out into song and dance). I’m still not so sure why the rest of the country likes it – but hey, I’ll take it!

Okay…I’m almost done with season 4…let’s watch!


2 thoughts on “Has “nerdy” finally become cool on TV?

  1. Nice post. BBT is on my list of shows to eventually watch. I’ve heard good things.

    I’d like to briefly comment on something else in this post though: Cheesecake factory.

    Why is it that people like this place? Seriously? It’s a sub-average chain with the only benefit being that they serve cheesecake, which is also not amazing. Sara Lee frozen cheesecake is better, and obviously there’s cheesecakes from restaurants that actually know how to make a cheesecake.

    I can’t get this craze. The food is awful, the cheesecake is eh, and the atmosphere reminds me of Bennigan’s, which shut down for a reason.

  2. Lia,

    You are missing the best shows on TV. Modern Family, The Middle and Storage Wars. There is a new show which I think is about a family in Texas that kills Hogs. Now that is a show America must love, or how about Hillbilly fishing. Open up your mind and be part of a something of American Culture. I am waiting for them to do a show on a Temple. Maybe you and I can write it.

    Keep writing.


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