What’s for dinner?

Dear readers (and by readers, I mean, “Hi Mom!”),

I’m hungry and I need your help.

Well, I’m not so hungry right now. (Did you know that in addition to finally offering free Wi-Fi, Starbucks also has tomato mozzarella sandwiches…and if you ask nicely, they’ll even heat it up for you?) But I’ll be hungry soon.

Occasionally over this blog’s seven-year history, I’ve used this space as a forum for reviewing restaurants I’ve loved and hated (but mostly loved…I try not to be TOO mean on the Internet). But now – I would love YOUR recommendations. I’m looking for the best food choices in a number of categories. I have many favorites, but I need your help to grow my list. Stay tuned for the results, which I’ll publish next week!


What do you think?

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