There’s hope for creativity!

Do you ever wonder if creativity is dead?

In a world where we e-mail pre-made birthday greetings instead of mailing handmade cards, where we order Cookies By Design rather than designing our own cookies, and where we show our likes and dislikes with a button on Facebook, it’s sometimes hard to find bits of creativity.

But then I play Whirlyball, and I can sleep easily at night. Except for the bruises.

A few weeks ago I played Whirlyball, a sport which I consider to be one of my best. In this unusual game, two teams of five players ride in bumper cars while holding lacrosse sticks, attempting to throw a wiffle ball at the correct basket (all while dodging the other cars…hence the bruises). I know – why didn’t I invent this?

Whirlyball - the perfect combination of hockey, basketball, jai alai, bumper cars, lacrosse, and wiffleball

Whirlyball gives me hope for creativity. I can just imagine the meeting in the early 1960s when Whirlyball was invented. The Chairman of Extreme Indoor Sports must have called together his team of experts.

“Gentlemen – we need a new sport.”
“But sir, our wives are already complaining that there are too many sports out there!”
“No. We need a new one. Something that can be played within a building – say, a bar – but can also be played by hundreds of youth groupers.”
“There’s always ice hockey, sir.”
“No, something more extreme. More bruising. Less cold. More wiffle balls.”
And then one man – who I guess must have been Stan Magnum — had the golden idea. “Let’s combine hockey, basketball, jai alai, bumper cars, lacrosse, and wiffleball!” (I’m just going to go ahead and call wiffleball a sport; someone will invent it someday.)
“We love it!”
“Everyone will go for it!”

If Whirlyball can become a sport, there’s hope for creative thinkers.

Maybe someday the Chairman will take a look at my ideas for Segway sports.

I’m a big fan of the human mind right now, and I think there’s hope for creativity.


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