The yolk’s on you!

When going out for a meal, I always look at a menu in advance. It’s comforting, setting me at ease, knowing that I’ll be able to find something Lia-friendly on the menu.

But yesterday, when looking at the menu for a local suburban brunch restaurant, I found this line on their omelette section of their website:

“We use real, fresh eggs for our eggwhites; never frozen! We throw away over 3,500 yolks weekly.”

It was egregious. Using the word “over” when they really meant “more than”? Has NOBODY in this world memorized the AP Stylebook?!

But alas, in addition to putting on a high-heel shoe and stomping on the English language, I couldn’t believe that a restaurant would promote their wastefulness. Yes, it’s great that their ingredients are fresh and real; but I don’t want to hear about the ramifications of that. It sounded like a line that would go on a brochure for saving the environment.

garbage dump

In 2012, having food that is fresh and local is definitely trendy. But more trendy than that is our ability to lessen our waste and make the most of what we have.

My calculator tells me that 3,500 yolks a week comes out to about 182,000 yolks per year. Since the restaurant opened in 2002, then, the restaurant has thrown away 1.82 million egg yolks.

I’m sure most other restaurants are no less guilty. But to give out a number like that on their website, on their menu, on their page listing a dozen different omelette choices — well, it made me want to order the banana crepes. Okay, I won’t lie: I also ordered scrambled eggs, but at least that uses the whole egg.

I’m not a vegan, I occasionally print things on paper, and I sometimes leave the light on in a room I’ve left (but don’t worry, I use CFL bulbs!). But seeing the number 3,500 wasted yolks a week makes me a bit sad.

To prevent excess waste, I propose that the restaurants team up with the local popular high school students who tend to egg nerdy kids’ homes and donate their used banana peels to directors of slapstick comedy movies. Our great-great-grandchildren will thank us.


3 thoughts on “The yolk’s on you!

  1. Sunday night, the Food Ntwork had a show on waste in America. The amount of food waste in this country is amazing. It should all be donated to food kitchens and shelters. Why doesn’t someone do something about this?

  2. Did they know that egg yolks are great for your hair. They could bottle it and sell it at the register when you are leaving.

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