Cursive: An obituary

Rest in peace, cursive

We announce with sorrow the passing of a longtime pal of pens, lover of letters, and friend of third grade teachers: the handwriting style known as cursive.

Cursive, who had been battling for many years with computers, texting, and laziness, was pronounced dead yesterday at 4:22 p.m. It was 600 years old.

Though primarily dead among the younger generations, cursive can still be found in today’s world. Many people still enjoy its flowy, beautiful loops, while their children struggle to read this writing.

Many states, including Illinois, no longer require elementary school teachers to teach the archaic style of writing. As students spent more and more time typing and texting,  cursive seemed outdated and unnecessary.

We send condolences to teachers and students from the 20th century.

Thank you to all of the people of a variety of ages and levels of fluency in cursive who have signed the guest book at the handwriting style’s funeral and beautifully wrote out their thoughts on the matter — in cursive.


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