My funny Tuesdays

The world looks different to me on Tuesdays.

As you may have noticed, I update this blog every Wednesday morning (an arbitrary deadline I assigned to myself a year and a half ago). Sometimes I have great ideas that I’ve thought of weeks ago and my blog entries are ready well in advance of my deadline. Sometimes (like the “cursive” blog post two weeks ago) I’ve been writing an entry in my head for months and it’s just a matter of writing things down. Sometimes I make up something absolutely ridiculous (like my “catalytic converter” post) and hope that I get a laugh or two out of the sheer insanity of my words.

But more often than not, I’ve spent all week thinking about a post, and it’s Tuesday, and I’ve come up with nothing. “Lia, honey, don’t stress about it,” my mom would say. “If you don’t have something to post this week, you’re allowed to take a week off.” But I’ve set this goal of publishing weekly and I’m going to do my best to stick to it.

So, Tuesdays have become a special day for me. With no topic and big plans to spend my Tuesday evening watching the latest episode of Glee, I spend my day with eyes wide open.

I carefully scrutinize every aspect of my life and ask myself: “Is that funny?”

I see a piece of fun-sized candy. Does smaller really make it more “fun”? Is that funny?

I always start with a lot of spinach and then it shrivels up when cooked. Is that funny?

Sometimes I exercise in my living room by running in place. Is that funny?

The middle part of bow tie pasta is always harder than the rest, making it my least favorite pasta. Is that funny?

Why is it that I’m the only person I know who likes Red Delicious apples more than Honey Crisp apples? Is that funny?

Who knows? Maybe someday, one of these will become a full-fledged, big-kid blog entry. But until I find the golden post that seems to write itself, I will continue to spend my Tuesdays looking around the world, taking in every little thing that happens to me and around me.

I have to admit — it makes Tuesdays much funnier! (And if you ever have any ideas for things that make you laugh or annoy you or make you wonder, let me know — it might make next Tuesday much easier.)


2 thoughts on “My funny Tuesdays

  1. Sometimes I exercise in my living room by running in place. Is that funny?

    YES. having seen you done it at 919 Foster…very funny.


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