My remedy for stomach aches, headaches, and loneliness

hot water bottle
My hot water bottle is the cure to stomach aches, cramps, headaches, migraines, being cold, and maybe even loneliness.

Apparently in spite of this winter’s lack of ferocity, we are now entering “sick season.” I’ll expand it beyond just “flu season” because it includes colds, sore throats, and maybe even just the winter blues. It seems like everyone around me has some kind of ailment; and I’m desperately trying to prevent illness by washing my hands, taking Vitamin C, and holding up my hand as a preventative barrier between the healthy folk like me and my sickly neighbor.

I’ve recently learned that not everybody knows of my favorite remedy. It’s not quite as good as whining to your mother (seriously, that cures almost anything), but it is cheap, effective, and rubber.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever used a hot water bottle. If your hand is not up, this blog post may save your life. Or at least help you fall asleep better.

Here’s how it works. Buy a hot water bottle at your local drugstore. I bought one last week for a friend for around $15 (hey, did you know they make great birthday gifts? Nothing says “happy birthday” like a cure for stomachaches!). Fill it about two-thirds full with hot water. Then put it on your stomach with a wrap or on top of a t-shirt (not directly on skin).

Then the magic sinks in. You start to feel a warm, calming sensation, melting your cares away. As a child, I used this for stomach aches; but now, I’ve expanded its uses to cover cramps, headaches and even migraines.

Yes, this year I’ve started to get occasional migraines (either that or it’s a strange coincidence that I happen to have a headache and your perfume smells REALLY strong right now). Though the pain is mostly in my head (no, it’s not that I’m imagining it), the hot water on my stomach soothes me so much that I begin to forget about my headache.

I close my eyes and I am on a slow, lazy river, slipping away to No Headache Land. I never quite make it there — with all the technology and busy things in my life, am I ever truly without a headache? — but the journey is smooth and calming. Even just writing this, thinking about my hot water bottle, makes my slight headache feel less intense.

So here’s my Public Service Announcement. Next time you’re feeling any kind of pain, take my advice and give a hot water bottle a try. And even if you’re not in pain and you’re just feeling a little cold, this thing will warm you up.

Okay, and if you’re ever feeling lonely, it may give you some needed warm fuzzies.

Time to go fill up the hot water bottle — writing this blog post was stressful!


3 thoughts on “My remedy for stomach aches, headaches, and loneliness

  1. I enjoy reading your blogs, Lia ! Glad to hear you found a remedy for your ailments and hope you are feeling better. I will give it a try when needed….thanks! Love to all of you.

  2. What fun memories have come back! Aunt Jane gave each of us our own hot water bottles. Each one was shaped like an animal. We had a cat, a dog and a rabbit. Each was a different color, too. Wrapped in a towel, it did indeed offer comfort and healing.
    Love from Judy

  3. I am purchasing this for Marisa immediately. Anything will help with her ailments. Her toe can hurt her – water bottle. she is angry – water bottle, she is happy – water bottle, she is complaining – water bottle. So excited to use a water bottle.

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