My first Temple Jeremiahniversary

I’m thrilled to announce that today marks my first anniversary as the Membership/Development Coordinator at Temple Jeremiah, a liberal Reform synagogue in Northfield, Ill. In honor of this milestone, I present to you the Top Five Reasons Why I Love Working at Temple Jeremiah.

1) Doing what I love.

My job description includes membership, development, and sort of whatever else happens to land on my desk. That means that on any given day, I could be graphic designing, writing, editing, photography, brainstorming ideas, talking to congregants, recruiting new members, thanking people for donations, designing a logo, or updating our Facebook page. I get to do all the things I love to do!

2) And then there are the times I get to do fun things way beyond my job description.

I never thought that my job would include staffing a high school youth group spring break service trip to Birmingham, but I guess life is just full of surprises. I had a blast last week chaperoning 11 Temple Jeremiah teenagers on a trip to rebuild houses damaged by tornadoes. Some people’s companies give them big monetary bonuses; mine just ships me off to a week of hard labor (okay, more like medium labor) in the sun with some great kids.

Temple Jeremiah sent me to co-staff a trip with 11 teenagers to rebuild houses in Birmingham, Alabama

3) A great group of colleagues. And theme days.

We spend more time at work than anywhere else, so it’s nice when you have a nice group of co-workers like I do. We’re a team, and we love celebrating birthdays as well as other days that just need some cheer (like Gray Day, when we dressed like the wintry weather, and on Poncho Day, pictured below). Thank you to this wonderful group of people for making me laugh and encouraging me to do my best.

We created Poncho Day at the Temple Jeremiah office...just for fun!

4) A congregation full of heart.

It’s been my goal to learn the names of all 850 households in our congregation, and though it’s a steep task, I’m on my way. I love every minute of getting to know our community members, and I’m constantly inspired by their volunteerism, altruism, and passion.

5) Jewishness.

It has to be said; I have a thing for Jewish organizations. I’m so lucky that I can do all those great things mentioned above — all under a Jewish roof. I love that part of my job involves attending Shabbat services, making sure the congregants know what time the Purim Carnival is, and connecting people interested in studying Torah with one another. Once I even got interrupted from a meeting for an emergency situation to show someone how to do a certain Israeli dance. And, unfortunately for my figure, I’m never more than 20 feet away from a bagel.

Happy Temple Jeremiahniversary!


2 thoughts on “My first Temple Jeremiahniversary

  1. I forgot it has been one year. This has to go in the Covenant next month or a link on the e-weekly. You are just an awesome young lady. You forgot to mention that you get to stay at a hotel near the Cleveland Airport for 4 days.

  2. I love poncho day! And yours is the coolest of them all. What a great place to work. No wonder you keep driving so far to go there!

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