Cool gadget combos that will probably never exist

I recently learned that while backpacking through other countries, a clever way to save space is by checking and replying to your e-mail on your Kindle.

Try telling someone 30 years ago that you’ll be responding instantly to their messages from your BOOK.

It made me wonder…as airlines charge more and more for every ounce you pack, and as apartment square footage becomes more and more valuable, what other gadget combinations would help us save space?

  • Camera Phone. It used to be the coolest thing when I was in high school — a cell phone that takes pictures, too. Now, wouldn’t it be cool if they had nice cameras that could also get cell phone reception?
  • Printer Oven. Who needs a toaster oven when you can just print an edible recipe?
  • Everything Charger. You know how they have those cell phone chargers now where you just put your phone against the block and it charges, without being plugged in? I want to make my whole apartment out of that material, so I can just lean everything — my phone, my TV, my refrigerator — against the wall and it will just charge.
  • Treadmill Fan. Wouldn’t it be funny if the faster you ran, the faster the fan would run and the more cool air would come out; but as you run faster, you only need more fan, so it’s one vicious cycle?
  • Laundry TV. We know that washing machines can now text you when your laundry is ready. But wouldn’t it be fun if you could watch the laundry room from your TV to see if you actually want to go do laundry now, based on who’s down there? Oh, I was going to do laundry, but my next-door neighbor is down there and we’re past the point at which it’s okay for us to not have made an effort to meet each other; probably best that we don’t have an awkward encounter in the laundry room.

3 thoughts on “Cool gadget combos that will probably never exist

  1. Whoa. You know how a lot of apartment buildings let you watch a “front-door cam” from your TV? Your “laundry-room cam” would be SO much more useful! Such an ideator, you are.

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