Don’t mean to alarm you…

My new cell phone has a feature that makes me laugh. When I set an alarm on my phone, it will say something like:

“This alarm is set for 8 hours and 28 minutes from now.”

It’s a great feature, definitely eliminating any a.m./p.m. confusion that happens on regular alarm clocks and any confusion as to what day you’re setting the alarm for. But lately, as my life has gotten busier and busier (okay, who am I kidding, my life has been one long string of equal amounts of busy), my alarm clock message has gotten me thinking.

It’s common on a weeknight to read:

“This alarm is set for 6 hours and 4 minutes from now.”

Oh man. This is going to be a looong night. Or, rather, this will be an incredibly short night and I sort of wish I went to bed earlier.

It’s almost as if my alarm clock is saying:

“This alarm is set for 6 hours and 4 minutes from now. Are you kidding me, Lia? Don’t you know that you have three different meetings tomorrow and two bat mitzvah lessons after work? You couldn’t have watched one fewer episode of ‘The Glee Project’?”


“This alarm is set for 5 hours and 44 minutes from now. You know what, based on your REM sleep cycles, it’s probably not even worth going to sleep at all tonight. You might as well beat the traffic and get a jump start on work now.”

Or, on a Saturday night, it might say:

“This alarm is set for 11 hours and 39 minutes from now. Ouch, Lia, did you forget to make plans for your Sunday? No brunch with the girls? Did you lose your friends’ phone numbers? Feel free to just sleep in as late as you want. In fact, why even set this alarm at all?”

Though this post brings up an interesting point: As I set my alarm later and later each night, why is it that I find myself thinking up blog entries instead of falling asleep?


One thought on “Don’t mean to alarm you…

  1. I know, great feature! Saves me from trying to do the calculation in my head–which I always did, and maybe helped me start falling asleep, actually… Gotta love open-sourcing feature creation via Android. šŸ™‚

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