Five bite-sized blog posts

Not hungry enough for a full blog meal? Let’s have some mini blog snacks today.

1) If a war broke out in this country, I would definitely hear about it first on Facebook.

2) Have you ever noticed that when you cook spinach, you end up with much less than you started with?

3) My favorite kind of pasta is “wheel-shaped” pasta because it fits very easily onto a fork. My least favorite kind of pasta is bow tie pasta because the inside is never cooked as well as the outside.

4) When you’re looking for a new apartment, it’s probably a good idea to walk around the neighborhood in the winter and pick the place where the sidewalks are best shoveled.

5) When people say “Have a good workout,” I think what they really mean is, “I hope you don’t decide to quit and eat a cheeseburger before you make it to the treadmill.”


2 thoughts on “Five bite-sized blog posts

  1. You’re right, definitely first on FB. We couldn’t get a whole entry on that? Please?

    Also, isn’t that why bowtie pasta is great? 🙂

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