Other things you should be able to do while doing laundry

In Israel, the land of our ancestors and the bible, the site of so much conflict and so much holiness, I found something that took my breath away:

A laundromat/bar/cafe in Tel Aviv.

At “Dizi,” a laundromat/bar/cafe in Tel Aviv

Leave it to the Israelis to come up with such a cutting-edge idea that leaves us all hitting ourselves, asking, “Why didn’t I invent this??”

Since I imagine most people hate doing laundry as much as I do, I’m sure we all appreciate the concept of doing something fun, like eating at a cafe, while washing our clothes.

It made me wonder: What else can you combine with a laundromat — or for that matter, the laundry room in the basement of your apartment building?

  • Laundromat/arcade: Whatever quarters are left over from laundry, spend them in the pinball machine!
  • Laundromat/laser tag arena: Maybe you could get the washers and dryers to glow in the dark.
  • Laundromat/paint your own pottery studio: A fun way to produce more dirty laundry.
  • Laundromat/classes: Why not  take classes about getting stains out, folding a fitted sheet (it’s harder than you think), cooking, and other household skills, all while waiting for your whites to dry?
  • Laundromat/car wash/dishwasher/shower/dog groomer: Bring everything you own (including yourself) that needs a good cleaning.
  • Laundromat/gym: I’ve actually figured this one out, as the new gym in my apartment building is right next door to the laundry room. It’s absolutely brilliant and I don’t know how I used to work out or do laundry separately before.

As my calendar continues to be bursting with  activity, I love doing two things at once — so anything I can do while doing laundry is a lifesaver.


One thought on “Other things you should be able to do while doing laundry

  1. So many great ideas! The owner would make boatloads off arcade machines that accept laundry cards. The “wash everything you own” idea would be particularly useful after camping or sports, though would require heavy infrastructure. And the classes would be useful, though maybe they’d have to be on DVDs/DVRs and TVs; otherwise, everyone would have to do laundry at the same time, which we know doesn’t work.

    However, from a resident’s perspective, I think nothing really beats the gym!

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