Lia, writer and proud fanny pack wearer

This isn’t what I had planned about writing this week (you’ll just have to wait until next week to read about unusual out of office e-mail responders), but when you get a gift based on a blog entry you wrote, you stop the presses.

After reading my blog a few weeks ago about my desire to make the fanny pack popular, my cousin Jeanne thought of me when she saw a sleek, stretchy, foldable fanny pack.

Lia, Jeanne, and my new pink and black fanny pack (look closely for the pink zipper against my inconveniently black tank top)

I now own an incredible little fanny pack that is cool and convenient, and I plan to use it often (especially while rollerblading or walking outside in the heat). Maybe I can even start a trend!

When the power of words moves people to action, it makes me feel like I’ve fulfilled my mission as a writer — one fanny pack at a time.

I’ve had a few other things come out of this blog.

Thank you, Jeanne, for the lovely gift; and thank you, The Internet, for allowing me to use writing to make a difference, even in infinitesimally small ways.


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