I guess synchronization is only for swimming – not clocks

As a society, we’ve created computers that fit in our pockets, we’ve developed a chicken pox vaccine, and we’ve sent humans to space and back.

But yet — we still haven’t found a way to synchronize our clocks.

What year is it, anyway? Well, my watch says 2012, but who knows if that’s accurate? It’s hard for me to believe that with all of our advances in technology, we still have to deal with “What time do you have?”

Science has figured out how to make all compasses point toward the same north — it’s not “well, my compass is usually a skewed a little to the west” or “your compass is usually more accurate.” Works for direction; why not with time?

While in a room with two clocks the other day, I noticed that one read 1:30 and the other read 1:40. My watch took the Goldilocks approach and read 1:35. My friend said that his oven and microwave, which live side by side in his kitchen, used to always read slightly different times, which bothered him. One day, he synchronized the clocks to match each other exactly; but about a week later, he noticed that the microwave gained about a minute. He tried re-synchronizing the clocks, but every few days, time traveled faster for the microwave. He ended up just leaving the microwave with “00:00” on the timer to avoid frustration.

Please, someone: Save us from the embarrassment of arriving five minutes late to a meeting because your clock was slow in your office. Save us from having to take the average time of our computer, watch, and phone.

There’s got to be a way to standardize time within time zones. There’s no reason why clocks should be fast or slow; speed and punctuality should be left to us humans.

I expect this problem to be resolved by 5 p.m. today.


What do you think?

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