Cool stuff I’ve done that you should do, too: Part VI*

We all know how much I love Chicago and doing touristy things in this magnificent city. But, hey, I did two more great Chicago tours last weekend and I think you should do them, too.

Chicago Architecture Foundation‘s
Historic Downtown (North Loop): Treasures of Culture and Commerce
$17 (unless you have a Living Social deal, like I did, making it $9)

Chicago Architecture Foundation tour
Our tour guide explains the different architecture styles along Michigan Avenue, across from Millennium Park.

My tour group had a great time traveling around the North Loop areas of Michigan Avenue and State Street. We learned about the development of Chicago architecture over time, and learned about the people who made Chicago what it is today (special shoutouts to Marshall Field, Daniel Burnham, Montgomery Ward, and Bertha Honore Potter).

One of the tour highlights was exploring the historic Marshall Field’s (now Macy’s) building on State Street, filled with lavish decorations guaranteed to make women feel glamorous and therefore spend more money. Not sure if it’s still true now that it’s a Macy’s, but it was a great idea for the time.

Chicago Chocolate Tours: Chocolate Locations of the Magnificent Mile and Gold Coast
$40 (unless you have a Groupon, like I did, making it $20)

Chicago Chocolate Tour
Adam and I were excited to sample chocolates from Teuscher chocolate on the tour.

Yes, I’ve already been on a Chicago Chocolate Tour. But that was Lakeview, and this is the Mag Mile. I was excited to learn more about downtown Chicago and its hidden chocolate treasures. We enjoyed a truffle at Teuscher Chocolates (a Swiss chocolate shop); a piece of “travel cake,” a piece of delicious bread, and a piece of dark chocolate at Hendrickx (a Belgian bakery); a chocolate chocolate cupcake at More Cupcakes; a chocolate gummy bear and other small pieces of chocolate at Candyality (almost like a candy museum in Water Tower Place); and chocolate chai tea and a chocolate croissant at Argo Tea.

I’m pretty sure Chicago Chocolate Tours was created with me in mind. We know Lia loves Chicago tours, but the tours all seem to be missing something important: CHOCOLATE.

This tour is definitely worth the Groupon price, and I’d even venture to say that it’s worth the full price, too. What an incredible opportunity to eat your way through this amazing city.

So…what will my next tour be? I would love your suggestions. Until then, I’m going to keep dreaming about chocolate gummy bears.

*For the previous edition of Cool Stuff, click here.


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