Un-complaining about my travel experience

It’s 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday night before my Wednesday blog post and I have nothing to write about. For this problem, I will arbitrarily blame … the airport.

Monday night, I returned from a quick weekend getaway to Minneapolis. And for what seems like the first time in a long time, the entire travel experience was flawless. And maybe that’s worth blogging about.

Too often, we bloggers complain about things that go wrong — canceled flights, lost baggage, turbulence — but how often do we write about things that actually turn out okay? Let’s consider this blog post a “thank you” to the transportation gods: Thank you for giving me zero blog inspiration because all legs of my flight went smoothly. This post can now counteract all of my past and future complaints and I won’t be a full-time whiner.

Here’s what went well on my trip:

Chicago to Minneapolis

  • Got to the airport in no time, despite rush hour
  • Security line wasn’t bad
  • Got to travel through O’hare’s cool lighted moving walkway to Concourse C — always an adventure
  • Had just enough time before the flight to get some reading done
  • Slept the entire flight
  • Landed earlier than expected (how do they do that?)

Minneapolis to Chicago

  • Security took about three minutes, and the majority of that was me taking off my shoes
  • There are statues of moose in every corner at the Minneapolis airport — made me laugh
  • No line at Sbarro for pizza
  • Had to check my slightly oversized carryon suitcase at the gate; but it was ready for me as soon as I got off the plane with no waiting
  • Head cushions were at the perfect position for someone of my height (my tall travel companion, though, couldn’t say the same for himself)
  • Picked up SkyMall for the first time and was impressed with all the inventions I should have thought of myself
  • No babies or yippy dogs, as far as I knew (I slept the whole time again)

Moral of the story: Complaining is fun, but it’s almost as fun to get excited when normal things go well.

I wish you all safe travels full of fast pizza, carpeted security lines, and ergonomic ankle bracelets from SkyMall.


2 thoughts on “Un-complaining about my travel experience

  1. How do they land early? Well they used to use real estimates…and then got dinged a lot for late arrivals. Now the airlines add about a half hour to most flights, that way you usually get in early…and their on time percentages are improved!

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